Specializing in life-changing experiences on two wheels.

By Women, For Women – We’re women focused on supporting other women following their dreams and living lives they love. Dedicated to the individual experience and the camaraderie of the road, we seek out the fun places to explore and the best riding we can find in each area. We offer a variety of tours throughout the USA, weekend getaways, and one “bucket list” tour every year. Women’s Motorcycle Tours offers both on-road and off-road riding experiences.

Celebrate 100 years of women moving forward with us!

The Centennial Ride (2021) is our next large motorcycle ride and nationwide event. Celebrating the principles of unity, community, and freedom of the road, the event is dedicated to all women who have fought for equality in the voting booth, in business, and in life. The Centennial Ride ends in Arlington, VA, at the Women’s Motorcycle Conference: Celebration!