Alisa’s Boost Your Confidence book

Autographed and mailed from Alisa in North Carolina 

Boost Your Confidence Through Motorcycling: A Woman’s Guide to Being Your Best Self On and Off the Bike

To me and so many other women, confidence is a little like magic stardust. When we have handfuls of it, we can move mountains. When we lack it, even simple tasks can seem overwhelming. Our actual level of skill or expertise does not change, but confidence – or lack of it – can make a big difference. So big that even scientific studies have concluded that confidence is more important than competence, whether it’s at work, on your motorcycle, or at home. Confidence kickstarts our creative juices and our readiness to take on the whole world, it awakens our spirit of adventure and enables us to do more and do it better.

Yet so often, we struggle to find confidence in ourselves. The incessant voice of an inner critic, self-doubt, and feeling like an impostor is so familiar to all of us in so many different scenarios. How many times have you decided not to apply for that promotion, not to go on that cross-country road trip, or have not told your significant other how you really feel simply because you were overwhelmed by doubt?

Boost Your Confidence Through Motorcycling is a book that will help you rediscover confidence in a new way. We’ll talk about how we got here, what hinders our confidence, and how can we get more of it both on our bikes and off. We’ll share stories of overcoming doubt, practicing positive thinking and self-love, and explore ways to gain more confidence naturally every single day. We’ll let you in on a little secret: you’re not alone in your search for confidence.

However, this book isn’t merely meant to inspire. It’s packed full of actionable tips, daily practices, and solid, practical advice on how you can boost your confidence through motorcycling, travel, and adventure- right now.

Is this book for me?

This book is for anyone who has ever struggled with doubt, fear, negative self-image, and uncertainty. Whether you would like to increase your confidence as a motorcyclist and traveler, or simply be more confident in your everyday life choices, this book will give you the tools and the inspiration to build a braver, better you.

What will I gain from this book?

Boost Your Confidence Through Motorcycling is all about encouraging, supporting, and empowering you in your journey towards a stronger sense of confidence. Trusting yourself and your decisions is crucial to success, and this book will give you a set of tools to achieve it.

I don’t ride a motorcycle yet, is this book for me, too?

Absolutely. If you’re a new rider, or if you’re just dreaming of getting a motorcycle, this book will inspire and encourage you to take action right now. It will also give you access to resources and a sense of belonging: women’s motorcycling community is the best version of sisterhood there is.