Women’s Motorcycle Tours Dealer Presentations

Alisa Clickenger, Founder
Women’s Motorcycle Tours



How would you like to attract more female customers to your dealership? I’ve developed a presentation which helps:

  • Bring in new customers
  • Promote Bike Sales
  • Enhance the riding community at your dealership
  • Make women want to do business with you

Our fun and informative presentation spans the gap between new riders and existing customers so no riders are left out. Our presentation is also CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR DEALERSHIP. We offer either cruiser-style or dual-sport style presentations adjusted for your market, and we use motorcycle models and apparel examples from your existing product lines when we talk about products.

The best part? If you’re a BMW dealership, Alisa is on the BMW Experts List, so the fee is co-opable!

This is your opportunity to outperform the other shops in your area by increasing and strengthening your female customer base.

If you are eager to increase the female foot traffic to your dealership, bring us in to speak at your dealership. Contact us today!

Alisa Clickenger
Women’s Motorcycle Tours
(562) 395-3830

About us: We organized the highly successful 2016 cross-country Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride presented by BMW where we took nearly 100 women from New York to San Francisco. Alisa is a professional moto-journalist with monthly columns as well as feature articles in Motorcycle & Powersports News and Motorcycle Consumer News. She has ridden all over the globe, mostly alone, and has been featured in various magazines as well as local newspapers. Always an advocate for women and motorcycling, she shares her passion for motorcycling through her writing, public speaking, riding events and dealer initiatives. This year Alisa presented at the New York Times Travel Show, where she was on the “Experts” panel talking about motorcycling.


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