Pacific Northwest TEACHING TOUR (2019)


Destination: USA, Southwest
Duration: 10 days
Starts: 06/22/2018
Ends: 07/01/2018
Price: $1000

Our Pacific Northwest Teaching Tour encompasses four different states, several different ecosystems, and such varied terrain you’ll be glad you joined. Plus, the motorcycle roads are world-class in this corner of the country. We see majestic Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens, and travel over the Bridge of the Gods, riding over 2,000 miles in this 10-day tour. We call this a “Teaching Tour” because we’re adding a coaching component to the tour…on this itinerary we are offering a coaching curriculum which guides riders in becoming more comfortable with all aspects of motorcycle touring — all while touring with other women! All pre-tour and on-tour is completely optional. Join us because you want to gain more confidence while touring, because you’d love to explore this part of the country with experienced guides, or just because you like moto traveling with women.


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