Our Women’s Empowerment Motorcycle Tours are a unique concept for motorcycle tours. Designed as a rolling classroom, we will teach you “how” to tour on a motorcycle. Besides the normal tour itinerary and riding enjoyment, we include pre-trip personal coaching, skill building exercises, and mid-tour seminars to give every tour member a toolbox of skills they can rely on when planning or implementing their own future trips.

We’ll ride many of the best roads in each area, see a variety of landscapes, and ride in a variety of climates. We’ll make time each day to take care of ourselves, and since we’re riding our own machines we’ll learn to look after them a bit as well. We’ll eat delicious food, we’ll sleep in comfortable mid-range hotels, and depending on the length of the tour, we’ll even have a rest day.

Our mission is twofold.  First is to build confidence and skills. Second is to provide an environment where women can enjoy riding with other women in a touring setting. We will coach, mentor and teach you the skills necessary to enable you to ride and tour on your own.  We will show you that you can have a fun and rewarding trip even if you can’t find a riding partner.

Who is this tour meant for? Any woman motorcycle rider that wants to ride with and learn touring techniques from experienced riders. Some female motorcyclists might simply want to take a tour within an all-female group. Attendance at the seminars and participation in the coaching is entirely optional.

Already done some touring and just want to ride with women? No problem. Everyone can choose their own level of participation.

More Questions? Visit our FAQ Page.

Why should you tour with us? We love empowering women. Over the years we’ve worked at myriad motorcycle events and done public speaking to encourage women riders to ride on their own and discover what can only be discovered within themselves from traveling on two wheels.

More Questions? Visit our FAQ Page.

If you would like more information on our tours, feel free to contact Alisa@womensmotorcycletours.com for more information on tours or call Alisa at (562) 395-3830.