Questions? We’ll try to answer most of them here and if we don’t feel free to email us.

What's included in the tour price?
Unless otherwise stated, all tours include all breakfasts, dinners, accommodations. All tours are led by a professional tour guide or guides.
What do I pay for?
You’ll pay for your own fuel, tolls, lunches, spa services and entrance to parks, museums and such. You’ll also pay for your own alcoholic beverages. If we spend two nights at one location typically the second night’s dinner is not covered. Exceptions to this are in each tour’s specific notes.
Can I ride my own motorcycle?
Of course.
Can I rent a motorcycle?
Yes, absolutely. We’ve geared all our tours so they start in a location where we have a relationship with a motorcycle rental agency.
Do I have to ride with the tour guide?
Nope. We’ve chosen some of the best roads each region has to offer, and you are more than welcome to ride them on your own or with a buddy from the tour and meet up with the group in the evening for dinner. This way you can take advantage of the route guidance, hotel discounts, and camaraderie of the tour, yet ride your own ride.
How much riding experience do I need before coming on this tour?
You need to have ridden at least 3,000 miles and be comfortable on your chosen motorcycle.
How many people will be on the tour?
It depends on the tour, so check the tour’s notes. Typically our maximum on any tour is 12 women.
Do you have a packing list?
Yes. You’ll get that when you sign up!

It may seem obvious, but we’ll say it anyway: You’ll need to be 21, have a valid motorcycle license, your own motorcycle insurance.

What’s Not Included in the Tour Price?
Your expenses getting you and your bike to the tour start, bike maintenance, your gas, your lunches, tolls, park and museum fees, and anything you buy along the way. We don’t have a problem with adult beverages when the riding day is complete, but you’ll pay for those yourselves. We are AMA members, and we encourage everyone on the tour to join for a variety of reasons, including AMA’s available roadside assistance coverage program.
What about the weather?
We have to arrange the hotels in advance and pre-pay lodging, so we’ll have to ride to each night’s destination. That said, we never want to be unsafe so well make alternate arrangements if absolutely necessary.
Why Should I go with you?
We love empowering women. Alisa as a moto-journalist and demo ride leader, and has led tours around the globe. All tour leaders are experienced tour guides and have toured extensively alone and in groups, and on several continents. We are responsible riders. Each of us has taken a great many rider skills improvement courses, we wear all the gear all the time, and combined we have ridden more than a half million miles in our riding careers.

Over the years both of us have worked at myriad motorcycle events and done public speaking to encourage women riders to ride on their own and discover what can only be discovered within themselves from traveling on two wheels. Plus we’re pretty cool chicks!

How do I sign up?
You can click “Book Now” on the tour description page to book electronically. Or you can download the Tour Application form from the Women’s Motorcycle Tours Forms Page and return it to us along with your deposit.
What happens if I have to cancel?
We will miss you! Unfortunately because we are a very small organization hand-crafting these experiences there are no refunds. That is why we highly recommend trip insurance. You can see our Terms & Conditions (which you have to agree to when you register for the tour) on the Women’s Motorcycle Tours Forms Page.
Where can I get trip Insurance?
We’ve done some research for you and identified a few companies you may want to take a look at. Here’s a link to an overview, but feel free to do your own research as well.


Let us know if you have more questions! Contact us at for more information on tours or call Alisa at (562) 395-3830.