Women’s Motorcycle Tours

Teaching Tours

Our annual Teaching Tours are a terrific opportunity to work one-one with one of the knowledgeable and highly experienced WMT female tourguides, often joined with Alisa herself. Women’s Motorcycle Tours’ Teaching Tours offer a supportive coaching environment before, during, and after the tour to help you gain confidence motorcycle touring while touring!

Before the tour we hold a series of video calls in which we discuss many different aspects of motorcycle touring. Tour participants can ask any and all questions. Topics include:
– Bike set up
– Packing
– Dealing with difficult weather
– Long-distance motorcycle touring mindset
– Handling emergencies

Essentially, everything to help you get into the proper mindset and your bike set up for this tour with us. We highly encourage you to ride your own motorcycle on these tours with us because nothing builds confidence like marking the miles on your own motorcycle!

Each day on tour we’ll offer an optional(!) teaching component for riders wishing to go deeper in their touring knowledge and get more comfortable with traveling long distances as well as riding curves on your bike. Usually, we have an MSF instructor as part of the staff in order to help you with your riding while motorcycle touring!

This tour is for any woman wanting to gain more confidence long distance touring and make new friendships along the way. Experienced riders will also enjoy this tour – that’s why the teaching components of it are optional!

Email us if you have any questions whatsoever!