Two days ago I had an AMAZING coincidence…Dino from Bosnia saw on Facebook that I am traveling alone in the Balkans and sent me a message out of the blue saying if I needed anything while I was traveling here he would be happy to help me.We had a nice email exchange and I was happy to have backup in a foreign land (love love LOVE that about the moto community!) Well,you are not going to flipping believe this but (A) I was stopped by the side of the road over looking at the map when I see this crazy person throw his car in reverse and back up on the highway and enter the area where I was stopped.

He got out and called me by name and I nearly dropped the bike. Huh? I couldn’t believe how somebody could possibly know who I am – and call me by name lo less! – in a strange country where I know nobody… but of all the people in the world, it was DINO AND FAMILY! They had spent the night in Pula just as I had and he had his wife and three-year-old child with him and they were all super delightful to meet. They gave me a map and navigation information and absolutely would not leave without giving me something (I assured them that I was fine and that I had plenty of water_ yet Dino’s wifestill dug around in their car and gave me a bag of chips, a banana and a piece of chocolate! Then they felt like I was taken care of and that they could leave.

When those kinds of phenomenal coincidences happen I just have to believe that I am in the exact right place doing the exact right thing and I am on the exact right path. I know my lifestyle is unusual, but every day I count my blessings that I’ve had the internal strength and the external experiences and the support my tribe to create my life just as I wish it to be.

Dino Zahirovic you are the BEST! I so enjoyed meeting your family. Thank you for reigniting my belief in The Magic of the Road!