Hi Everyone,

With so many societal changes at the moment and all of us cooped up, I’ve made the decision to send the newsletter out weekly for a while.

My New Normal

I’m following the advice I published in last week’s newsletter. I’ve been doing some cooking (this is a highly unusual activity for me ^^^), painting, gardening and lots of pleasure reading, plus watching online as the world learns to come together in community in new and marvelous ways.

Community Redefined

I’d like to connect even deeper with you! Come join our Moto Confidence and Exploration Facebook Group. We have such a lovely and supportive group of ladies gathered there, and that’s where I’ll be announcing Community Zoom calls (where we can all connect via video conferencing), free coaching sessions (about ANYTHING!), as well as office hours where you can just dial in and sign up for advice.

The Peace Process

Feeling uncertain? Stressed? Worried about loved ones for away while you’re under lock-down? Two years ago I learned this technique called the Peace Process, and I’ve been using it with friends and family (I never thought of myself as a “healer”, but thereyago! A part of my soul is calling me to offer this now, so I suppose I am!) and I’ve opened up some time on my calendar so I can offer it as a free gift to you. You’ll find a signup for that in the Facebook Group as well.

Shout Out

Before I sign off this week, I’d like to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to all the healthcare professionals in the WORLD! I know my friends are working so much, caring for so many people, and holding the space for healing. It’s a crazy time for everyone right now, but especially these folks. I invite you to do a random act of kindness for a healthcare professional this week.

Be Well,