Bongiorno from Italy Everyone,

I have a friend who wants to go on a trip. It’s a place she’s really wanted to travel for a long time, one of those trips on her “bucket list”. Whenever she starts dreaming and planning she freezes up as she starts to think about all the “what-if”s. You know; what if my luggage doesn’t arrive? What if I get lost? What if I don’t speak the language? What if don’t like the food? What if I run out of money? What if I cannot find a travel partner? etc.

Here’s what I can tell you based upon my own experience…even after years of traveling all over the world on a motorbike, often alone, my own “What if”s still come up. Over time I’ve learned how to immediately shift my attention back to the excitement of the destination, rather than spiraling down with the “What if”s, which is oh so easy to do.

Beach’s Motorcycle Adventures invited me to come along on this Italian Idyll motorcycle tour I’m on at the moment and write about it for a magazine (the article will be published in Motorcycle Consumer News in the coming months). Heaps of my own “What if”s came up – and I’m a tour guide for jiminy crickets! I thanked my monkey mind for caring and immediately switched instead to focusing on all the great wine and cheese, switchback curves and great scenery I imagined I’d be seeing. That kept my excitement up and my fears at bay. I’m here and I am having a marvelous time!

Gretchen Beach is co-owner of the company and she’s on all the tours. She wanted me to illustrate how their tours are unique and their groups are different…and that even as a woman traveling alone one can seamlessly integrate into a mix of couples and singles as they conduct their groups. She was exactly right!

Everyone on the trip is so interesting, with such diverse backgrounds. It’s fun to share our experiences on the different routes offered each day. We’re 30 to 70 years old, three couples and three singles, and it’s so much fun to ride together (or not) in different combinations of people each day. It’s truly a different – and most welcome – way of touring than I’ve ever experienced.

Ladies, I’m all about making my (and your!) riding dreams come true. Motorcycling has given me so many gifts and taken me so many places I never could have dreamed of. Just because I keep saying yes to my excitement and “it will be okay” to my “What if”s. If that trip (whatever it is!) is really calling to you – and you know what that feels like – go ahead and say yes to it…you never know where you might end up! ~Alisa

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American Southwest Tour – 4 Spots left!
Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah October 6-15, 2017

This small-group motorcycle tour (only six women) is all hotels and all on pavement. We start in Las Vegas, and spend 8 days riding through Nevada, Arizona, Colorado and Utah. We’ll visit the Grand Canyon, ride the Canyonlands of Utah, visit Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, Monument Valley and many more National Parks. There is a rest day in Moab, UT. Hotels are mid to high range, with a one night stay in a Conestoga Wagon! ***ALL MEALS ARE INCLUDED!***

Ready to experience Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah? BOOK NOW! For more details, visit the WMT web page.

Women's Motorcycle Tours

A Motorcycle Show and an Art Exhibit

M.A.D | Motorcycle. Art. Design is a cutting edge art installation with a collection of 22 eclectic American, European and Japanese bikes dating from 1902 through today. The exhibition also includes a lifestyle section and “biker bar”. To purchase tickets, go to To learn more about the exhibit, click HERE or visit

Women's Motorcycle Tours

Nikki Misurelli’s biked solo across the Americas and all over Europe. So far, she’s covered Italy, Spain, France, Gibraltar, Portugal, Austria and Slovenia, and even nipped over to Morocco. Next stop, she’s aiming to go to either Australia or America. Read MORE.

Women's Motorcycle Tours

Alisa on the Road: I’m currently riding in Central Italy and I thought I’d share a few of my photos with you. Follow Women’s Motorcycle Tours on Facebook for daily photos.

Women's Motorcycle Tours

YWCA in Arizona creates $1 million loan fund for minority women entrepreneurs

YWCA in Arizona has created a $1 million loan fund for women and minority entrepreneurs whose businesses support regional economic development. Read MORE.

Meet the Chicago VC Firm Investing in Female Founders Disrupting Industries

In 2016, women-founded startups got just 2.19 percent of venture capital funding.

But that’s not the case for venture capitalists Cayla Weisberg (right) and Gerri Kahnweiler’s (left)  portfolio: 100 percent of their funding went to female-founded startups.They’re the investors behind new firm InvestHer Ventures, the first VC firm in Chicago that promotes, supports, and invests in early-stage tech companies built by female founders. Click HERE to read more.


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EPG Media launches Woman Rider

EPG Media & Speciality Information, the parent company of Powersports Business, has released a new Woman Rider publication.

Aimed at educating and empowering female motorcycle riders, Woman Rider has been launched as a website and e-newsletter. Woman Rider is also creating a community through its Facebook and Instagram pages.

“Our goal is to bring you the best, most comprehensive content, including new motorcycle reviews, gear reviews, technical how-to articles, fitness and wellness for riders, and safety and riding tips, all written by women!” editor Jenny Smith wrote in the first e-newsletter, sent this Tuesday.

Woman Rider can be accessed at

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Employment Alert
Corbin is seeking an experienced CNC programmer
(Hollister, CA)

Corbin is seeking an experienced CNC programmer/ (Hollister, CA)
compensation: DOE
Location:  2360 Technology Pkwy. Hollister, CA 95023
Career Level: 2-4 years of experience
Education: High School Diploma/GED
Category: Manufacturing, Operations