Wow! June is flying by. I hope you’ve been able to get out and do some riding in these longest daylight days of the year. I’ve just returned from nearly five weeks of solo travel in the Balkans on a borrowed motorcycle and I’ve got ten days before I head out again, this time for a week’s ride visiting a variety of hot springs up the West Coast with my partner. We’ll be camping in the backcountry and going down the path less traveled. That’s our “thing” and one of the many things I love about motorcycling … there are so very many ways to enjoy it.

Lately I’ve received a lot of emails from ladies looking for riding partners. Whether you are a cruiser, traveller, iron-butter, off-roader or racer, there’s a special place for you to let your soul sing and a tribe of riders with the same passion and zeal that you have. Haven’t found them yet? Keep looking. Write us and ask if we know someone in your area. Join a Facebook Group. Try a MeetUp. Join a riding club even if you’re not a “joiner”. Check in with your local dealer. Believe me, there are others who share the same passions that you do and most probably they are waiting for that connection as well. Keep an open mind and see what clicks – you never know where that path will take you.

See you on the road, ~Alisa