How often do you actually think about your tires? The answer is, we probably don’t think about them as much as we should. 

In reality, your tires are the only link between your motorcycle and the road. They play an essential role in your performance and safety. 

So… why not go with one of the best? Go with Dunlop! 

Dunlop Tires, a Legacy of Reliability

When it comes to tires, reliability is key. The quality of a tire could literally mean life or death. The best way to make a reliable product is years of experience testing different approaches. Dunlop has been making tires for the past 131 years! 

Founded in 1890 in Dublin, Ireland, by John Boyd, Dunlop has been setting the standard for reliability and a smooth ride ever since. 

Even better, Dunlop teamed up with Sumitomo Rubber Industries in 2015 to produce tires for their motorcycle division. Sumitomo Rubber Industries alongside Dunlop since 1909.That’s 243 combined years of experience put into every tire they make. If you want reliability, there’s a reason Dunlop has remained one of the top manufacturers for so long. 


Dunlop and WMT

We’re proud to say that Dunlop is a sponsor of our Suffragists Centennial Motorcycle Ride! It’s an honor to partner with such a historic brand. We look forward to seeing you and your wheels out there! 


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