I’ve teamed up with my friend Brittany Morrow to create a new hub for rider education, insight and instruction. We’re bringing you conferences, weekly live webinars and a virtual library of video archives – so you can learn valuable lessons from vetted professionals in your spare time.

Welcome to the Rider Education Virtual Vault.

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REVVtalks | REVVconference | REVVpros

Our mission is to transform rider education by making valuable content that you know you can trust, is easier to find, and is ready when you are. REVV is an on-demand online learning platform for any rider who knows “There is always more to learn.”

Here’s what REVVtalks is all about:

  • Learning from pro riders from around the globe
  • Gaining new perspectives and knowledge
  • Focusing on education in all genres
  • Accessing mentors in real-time
  • Coming together virtually in solidarity
  • Discovering a new way to connect

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We’re launching with a virtual conference for all riders and passengers, on all bikes, from all disciplines… next Friday and Saturday!

I’ve reserved a special price for all of my friends, moto family, and fellow adventurers! Use code ADVENTUREGAL for 20% off your REVVconference Online tickets. Register HERE.

Visit REVVtalks.com to see the full lineup of professionals from all backgrounds – both men and women – ready to share their expertise, knowledge, major lessons, funny stories, valuable insight and more.

As always, I express my gratitude for all of you who have stuck with me through thick and thin. I hope this announcement finds you healthy and ready for better days just ahead. Thank you for your ongoing support, friendship and love.