Do you find yourself singing “Here I go again on my own…” on a regular basis this year? We get it. Funny how the independence of riding solo is normally so liberating, but when someone tells you that you HAVE to be alone, it feels like torture.

Here’s a fantastic list of ways to “bring back that loving feeling” while the summer sun is still high in the sky!

1. Create a Solo Scavenger Hunt w/ Your Riding Buddies

– Have everyone in your group or club contribute one or two “scavenger hunt” type challenges that someone can do alone while out on a motorcycle. Photo evidence required!
– Number them, then randomly distribute the challenges to everyone in the group. Make sure to create a future deadline so people have time to complete the challenges without feeling rushed.
– Create a group text, group messenger group, or a private Facebook group and share all the fun with photos and stories of completing the challenges.

This is something even businesses can to get their customers engaged this summer – with prizes, you’re guaranteed to have lots of participation!

2. Plan A Themed Ride with a Small Group

– Create a day route that follows a specific out-of-the-box  theme, connecting your small group (4 or less) to your local area in new ways.
Here’s a few examples to get the creative juices flowing:
1. Visit all the bridges within a 50 mile radius of your starting point.
2. Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon coffee/tea at 3 open patios in 3 different counties.
3. Find roads that match the first or last names of each rider in your group and go visit the road signs – photo ops! Bonus if you can get a rider’s full name in one day – Makes for a cool frame-able photo collage (and a great memory).

The creative possibilities are endless and you might discover a new road you love in the process!

3. Level Up Your Riding Skills

– Purchase a confidence+skills boosting guide (we know a great one!) and run the exercises until they’re second nature.
– Invite a friend to join you for practice, or just to watch and cheer you on.
– You can even video yourself to watch your progress, or send it to someone you trust for honest feedback.

Get our Founder’s Confidence book here: Boost Your Confidence Through Motorcycling

4. Volunteer For a Cause You Believe In

Honestly, there’s never been a better time to get on board with a local charity, cause, or activist group that plucks at your heartstrings, and it can even help with that sense of fulfillment so many of us seem to be missing this year. Bonus if you can find a charity that allows you to get involved while riding your motorcycle! Here’s one we really love: Engines For Change

5. Start an Old-School Chain Letter with Friends and Family

– Embrace a tried and true way of staying connected, but with an added twist!
Follow these steps for success:
1. Write a letter about your year so far. Talk about hopes and dreams for the future, where you’ve been struggling, and the fist place you plan to go once restrictions are lifted. Tell a funny story. Send lots of love, wishes, prayers, and positive thoughts.
2. Include 5 (or more) printed photos of you doing something fun or silly and a stamped return envelope addressed to you with your letter.
3. Each recipient takes one photo from each letter writer, adds their own letter, photos, and a stamped return envelope to the package – then sends it on to the next person in the chain (should be sent to family and friends that all know each other).
4. The return envelope to the original writer will be used only when ALL of her photos have been claimed. The more photos you include, the more people will be a part of the chain (at least 5 makes for a great chain.)
5. By the time the chain letter gets back to you, you’ll have 5 (or more) fun photos to keep, and letters from your friends and family to read and pass on… almost like you spent time together over the summer!

The chain can continue indefinitely, or end after each letter writer receives their original return envelope full of photos and new letters.