Are you a motorcycle rider and looking to make a meaningful contribution to climate action?

Motorcycle Offsetters (MO) (, the brainchild of Carolann and Andreas Gneist, have developed a system to offset your carbon emissions. Offset refers to a decrease in GHG emissions – or an increase in carbon storage (through land restoration or the planting of trees, for example) – that is used to compensate for emissions that occur elsewhere. One of the things that makes MO unique, apart from being the first to market, is that it is not about carbon neutrality… the focus is actually on carbon negative riding.

The minimum offset purchase available is 110%, meaning that all MO members have, at minimum, offset 110% of the CO2 emissions associated with their riding. The MO website guides members through a remarkably easy-to-follow process to register one or more bikes (make, model, year, engine displacement and so on), and select a carbon offset from 110-200 percent above their annual carbon output.  Super simple.

How? Motorcycle Offsetters has partnered with Carbonzero, a North American leader in carbon offsetting solutions, to ensure the efficacy of all projects. At present, those offset projects are the Newfoundland Climate and Ecosystems Conservancy Project (a greenhouse gas-mitigation initiative through engineered wetland systems for wastewater treatment); the Niagara Escarpment Forest Carbon Project (a project which promotes and maintains forest cover, ecosystem function, protection of rare species, biodiversity, and geological features in their natural condition); and the Afognak Forest Carbon Project in Alaska (a project which has preserved large tracts of undisturbed native trees (180 to 250 years old) as well as regenerated tree growth.

To register a bike and offset annual CO2 emissions from riding takes less than 3 minutes, only costs a few bucks, and makes you feel good. Register today at