It’s been a month of growth for me as I’ve been surrounded by some pretty badass babes and have had to lean in, learn some news skills, and grow exponentially. I’ve traveled over a goodly part of the globe by myself, yet last month when I led the COBDR – a first for me leading a dual sport adventure – I was distinctly uncomfortable inside my helmet as I questioned my skills, got accustomed to a new bike, and had to lead a group all at the same time. (We had a great tour despite my monkey mind working overtime.)

Growth is often uncomfortable, but then where would we be without it? And that’s my ongoing relationship with motorcycling…the sport keeps teaching me to trust; trust the bike and trust myself and the skills I’ve picked up along the way. I have to pick the right line and then keep the throttle steady as I power over obstacles and lean into my growth — and get over my fears in a strategic, healthy way.

I take a motorcycle training course every year, yet last week I realized that I don’t take any business training courses on a regular basis. I’ve decided to change that and have been learning some new skills. Time management is the first skill I’ve decided to improve, so I’ve sat down and plotted out the 2018 tours…three months before the year’s end! I’d love to hear from you about how lessons learned through motorcycling have carried over into your non-riding life.

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Thanks for being a part of our tribe, ~Alisa