If you’re anything like me, your bike is your pride and joy. If anything ever were to happen to it, you would be pretty devastated. 

Well, you can take action and prevent bad situations from happening in the first place.


Serious Security

With a Find It Now device installed, if your bike is moved, you will know it. If someone touches your bike, you’ll know it. If someone borrows your bike, you will be able to track everything. Alert, locate, and recover.



Stay up to date with the position of your bike with text and/or email alerts. If your bike is moved, touched, or exceeds a certain speed, you will receive an alert. You can’t always be with your bike, but you can always keep track of it.



Every alert you receive includes an address of where your bike is located. In the event of theft, you and the FIN tracking center will know where the bike is immediately and in real time.



After locating the bike, the owner or the FIN tracking center can interface with the police to quickly recover your bike.



FIN is rugged, shock resistant and water resistant, and it can be used on all Motorcycles & Power Sports vehicles of every kind. 

We know that our ride leaders and support vehicles on the Suffragists Centennial Motorcycle Ride will be using them this summer. 

Worry less, and enjoy the ride.


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