Hi Everyone,

I’ve only been back in the LA area for a little over a week and already I am yearning for the clean mountain air and fabulous cloud-sky-mountain vistas which filled my eyes on the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route. We had a fantastic group of ladies join us, and it was so great to watch them not only build their skills but also their confidence as they rode the high passes, the wide water crossings and the slipperier-than-snot muddy forest tracks on the last day of the ride. I cannot imagine any other group riding up a steep and difficult pass, stopping to break at a mountaintop meadow…then bursting out in song. A huge shout out to all those badass ladies of the BDR!

I sincerely hope that wherever you’ve ridden, or wherever you intend to travel on two wheels this summer, that it surprises and enlightens you and makes you, too, want to burst out in song.