Two new scholarships sponsored by SeCRRet and Reg Pridmore’s CLASS Motorcycle School.

SeCCRet, the Cross Country Rider, who was one of the WCM recipients of the 2016 She’z Moto Camp scholarship, was inspired by her learning experience and wanted to pay that experience forward. She personally donated $275 for this incredible scholarship opportunity for women riders. And thanks to the generosity of Reg Pridmore’s CLASS, we were able to double this opportunity.

Women’s Coalition of Motorcyclists in partnership with Sarah “SeCCRet” Moreau, the Cross Country Rider, and Reg Pridmore’s CLASS Motorcycle School are offering two new 1-day scholarships to CLASS at Streets of Willow in Rosamond, CA. To improve your skills on the street and on the track, this school will be open to those who are comfortable riding at freeway speeds or higher. The class will take place on October 9th, 2017.

The deadline for application is September 15, 2017, 11:59 EST.

Please click HERE to find out more about this scholarship and to apply.

Watch this video of Sarah SeCCRet Moreau HERE as she talks about her experience. Apply for this scholarship today! Click HERE.