I thought I’d upload a heap of pictures to show everyone what a typical (at least yesterday’s) ride looks like in Serbia. I just clicked on my Sena 10C all day long. While riding I was musing on how heaps of Americans fear this region because of past politics, but when you’re actually out here traveling these people have lives remarkably similar to the ones we have in the USA. Kids go to school, people go to work, farmers farm, shopkeepers keep shop, gas guys fill gas tanks. All so “normal” except for a different language spoken and a different history which led them to this same point in time as I am in with my own history and stories.

From my point of view the landscape is lovely, the food is unusually tasty and everything is super cheap except for petrol. I feel completely safe and secure and comfortable. In fact, I like Serbia so much I’ve added several days here so I can see more of this beautiful and interesting country.