This was the best trip for all of us who participated in the Sisters’ Centennial Ride across the USA! We all grew to love the road, the sun, the corn, the mountains, the plains, and each other. We rounded curves with each other; we sat around tables sharing meals together. We grew to rely on each other in a silent subtle way over the roar of 68 engines and the huge loud spirits of powerfully strong-willed women! At the end of the road only remained a bridge, a bridge into a rainbow city of diversity, strength and love. For most of us, the ride isn’t over. We all are feeling the absence of the other and the emotions have flooded our hearts as we each have returned to our respective homes. And, in each new day since our ride finished in California, we each reflect on what a wonder it was and how we will never lose each other nor what we accomplished. We will have this ride forever, as we made history together. Our tears are ones of joy and our faces hurt from smiling so hard as we continue to cross borders and break records within our lives. We are always one unit, one group amongst all riders who had this incredible.