Gypsum is one of the interesting towns we pass through on one of our all female motorcycle tours. Gypsum, Colorado is a small town at the western edge of Eagle County. It is connected to the rest of the county through the I-70 highway so Beaver Creek is only 30 minutes away and Denver is only 130 miles. Gypsum encompasses an area of 7.7 square miles.

The town’s history starts in 1881 when the first people settled in the valley; the first known recorded tent was set up in the area by O.W. Daggett in 1882. Daggett erected his tent at the creek four miles south of the town’s current location. The first official settler of Gypsum was William Schliff who built his house in the town in the year 1899. Soon after businesses began springing up in the area with general stores, restaurants, saloons, blacksmith shops, livery stables and hardware stores.

The city was named after the abundance of gypsum reserves in the area and has two operational mines in the outlying hills. The largest industry present here is the American Gypsum drywall plant. The factory produces a wide range of wallboard products and sheetrock which is shipped all over the country.

Gypsum, like other parts of Colorado, is blessed with scenic views of the mountains and a comparatively milder climate. Its convenient location on the I-70 corridor makes it easily accessible to motorcycle tours traveling through the western slope of the state’s Rocky Mountains. In the winter, the mountains are capped with snow which sheds as cold and clear runoff water during spring and summer.


The town experiences sunny weather throughout the year with only a few cloudy days. Summers are warm and pleasant with clean air and sparkling water flowing in the streams. This ideal weather promotes the habitation of wildlife in the area. Elk and mule deer traverse the valley during the winter season. The abundance of juniper and pinyon trees is home to a bevy of birds and mammals making tourists stop and witness the wonders of Mother Nature.

Riding your motorcycle through town you will notice the two different recreational centers, multiple playgrounds, parks and sports fields built all over town. The city has preserved its historical sites and still has a nostalgic vibe to it. From the restored Library to the renovated Lundgren Barn which now serves as an amphitheater, Gypsum boasts an old charm that you cannot find anywhere else.

If you’re into golf, the Gypsum Creek Golf Course is a great spot for recreation featuring an 18-hole Championship course for the expert as well as novice players. The golf course covers stunning natural scenery with sage-covered mesa and steep plains.

Gypsum Colorado is included in our Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route (COBDR) Women’s Motorcycle Tours itinerary.