Hi Tribe,

It’s been a remarkable couple of weeks with the weather in the USA. Hurricane season is in full force, so many people are being relocated and so many people’s lives have taken a sharp turn. I sure hope you weren’t affected, but if you were then my heart goes out to you.

I’ve seen so many people stepping up and helping others through kind acts large and small. I’ve been heartened by the feeling of community that’s behind people helping people, rebuilding communities and saving lives. I’ve seen big shifts in folks who have faced obstacles and overcome. How we show up for ourselves and others in times of stress can be a source of great inspiration.

It’s my hope that through my (albeit small) efforts to share these stories about intrepid women you’ll be inspired and show up in the world in a more vivid, inspired way yourself. Thanks to all of you for giving me a reason re-evaluate how I myself show up in the world and encouraging me to share my own gifts. In the next months I’ll be focused on creating new and interesting experiences for female motorcyclists to enjoy our sport and each other.

See you on the road, ~Alisa