For riders who eschew full-face helmets yet want more protection than a ½ helmet, the Z1R Saturn fits the bill.

The Saturn helmet is DOT certified and is formed on an injection-molded polycarbonate shell. The Saturn helmet
sports an easy-to-remove drop-down sun visor and accepts most 3-snap shields. It’s got a fully removable moisture-wicking liner, a D-ring closure system plus a secure, snug comfortable fit.

Z1R Saturn Motorcycle Helmet

Z1R Motorcycle Helmet

Z1R Motorcycle HelmetRetail Price = $89.95
Available in sizes XS-2XL
Additional Colors: Flat Black, Gloss Black, Titanium (Dark Grey)

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Alisa’s $0.02
I’ve always ridden in full-face helmets and living with a motorcycle product developer I know that a majority of motorcycle head injuries occur to the face and chin. That said, there have been certain circumstances in which I found myself wishing for an open-face helmet…like moving bikes around a parking lot, riding a scooter (yes, it’s irrational that I’d feel “safer” from a head or face injury on a scooter), or loading bikes onto a truck or into a trailer. So if it’s a choice between no helmet and a 3/4 helmet, I’d always choose one like this over none…