Did you know that Indian Motorcycles have been around for over a hundred years?  That’s right, they have been making their iconic bikes for more than a century. This all-American brand was first produced in 1901!   Over a Century of Innovation The Hendee Manufacturing Company began producing these iconic American motorcycles in 1901 in […]

  MAD Maps is all about finding the most scenic route with the most unusual and unique attractions. From rock ‘n’ roll roadhouses to rubber band museums, they’ve scouted the stuff that makes getting there so much fun. And with over 1,000 trips around this great country, you’ll never run out of places to explore. […]

  Final Salute Inc. (FSI) has been serving to eliminate homelessness of women Veterans and their children by helping them find safe and suitable housing since 2010. Female Veterans feel they have been put at the end of the line when seeking housing and other supportive services. Since the Revolutionary War, over 2,000,000 women have […]

Motorcycle confidence is something that almost all riders, male or female, struggle with on one level or another. Very few of us, however, ever talk about it. And yet confidence is crucial for your ability to ride well, have fun, be safe, and tackle unexpected situations the road or other drivers may throw at you. […]

You are a proud owner of a motorcycle, and you can’t wait to experience the joy and the freedom motorcycling brings. Yet for some reason, it may feel like the bike just doesn’t fit well. Perhaps it’s too big and heavy to handle with ease, or maybe you feel that your sitting position is uncomfortable. […]

Seat Height On average, female riders tend to be a little shorter than men, and sometimes this can be an issue. Most motorcycle manufacturers target riders of average height, and often, the motorcycle we want is just too tall. While most bikes can be lowered and adjusted to your height, picking a factory-lowered motorcycle is […]

Summer is in full swing, and we all want to get as much saddle time as we can. However, riding in extreme heat can be fatiguing, and it’s important to stay cool and hydrated throughout your ride to make sure you are safe.   Here are 7 Ways to Beat the Heat While Riding:   […]

Working with mentors or coaches has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and for good reason. A little guidance and support can go a long way when it comes to our careers, ambitions, goals, and personal relationships. Transferring this practice into the motorcycling world can be highly beneficial, too. A motorcycle mentor can […]