In celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, women’s right to vote, we’ve partnered with Nelson Rigg on our cross-country Suffragists Centennial Motorcycle Ride event. Nelson Rigg has created a Limited-Edition Centennial half cover to commemorate the event. Unfortunately, the ride was postponed to 2021, and so we are providing our Nelson Rigg […]

We are excited to share with you the next chapter in IMS’ 39-year history.  We announced yesterday, after 5-years in the making, Progressive® IMS Outdoors – a tour of immersive powersports events that connects your brand with riders and prospective riders of all ages that share a passion for riding 2 and 4-wheel vehicles or wish to learn. […]

Wendy’s powersports passion permeates every facet of her life. She is a factory-trained motorcycle technician with two decades of experience, the owner of a busy motorcycle shop, and an enthusiastic two-wheeled adventurer. Her greatest joy is long distance motorcycle riding, and after a decade of endurance competitions she recently became the first woman ever to […]

Do you find yourself singing “Here I go again on my own…” on a regular basis this year? We get it. Funny how the independence of riding solo is normally so liberating, but when someone tells you that you HAVE to be alone, it feels like torture. Here’s a fantastic list of ways to “bring […]

I’ve teamed up with my friend Brittany Morrow to create a new hub for rider education, insight and instruction. We’re bringing you conferences, weekly live webinars and a virtual library of video archives – so you can learn valuable lessons from vetted professionals in your spare time. Welcome to the Rider Education Virtual Vault. Click […]

We’ve got a bike-it list 30 pages long! Instead of sharing the whole novel at once, we thought it would be nice to give you 5 at a time, as not to overwhelm your senses and cause too-much-wanderlust-itis (is that even a thing?). We digress… back to business! ******* Chile’s Carretera Austral – For the […]

According to the Motorcycle Industry Council data, women now make up 19% of motorcycle ownership in the USA, which means that nearly one in five motorcyclists is a female. That’s awesome news for all of us, and by the looks of it, the numbers are only going to grow. There’s more and more of us […]

Howdy Everyone, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: The US government has just declared that cars are too germy and everyone needs to ride a moped or motorcycle effective immediately. Wouldn’t that be fun? It’s not really true…but it’s a fun thing to think about this April Fool’s day. I can imagine if it was really true that we’d create a society of […]

Hi Everyone, With so many societal changes at the moment and all of us cooped up, I’ve made the decision to send the newsletter out weekly for a while. My New Normal I’m following the advice I published in last week’s newsletter. I’ve been doing some cooking (this is a highly unusual activity for me ^^^), […]