The motorcycling community is amazing in so many ways from being open-minded and inclusive to offering support, resources, and connection for riders from all backgrounds and walks of life. However, as women, we are often the minority in motorcycle events, and while we mostly experience a hearty welcome and are treated as equals, participating in […]

WITH ALISA CLICKENGER, OWNER, WOMEN’S MOTORCYCLE TOURS & WENDY CROCKETT, WORLDWIDE MOTORCYCLE AMBASSADOR In Season 2 episode 6 of Centerstand, we explored ways the industry can break down the barriers for women entering the industry and how to help them grow their confidence in the industry. Listen in to this important conversation between Robert Pandya, myself […]

According to industry statistics, motorcycle sales are declining all over the US. Brands like Harley-Davidson are suffering the most as their customers are aging out of motorcycling, but this issue isn’t unique to just one manufacturer. Husqvarna, Indian, and Honda have all admitted that motorcycle sales aren’t what they used to be, and that the […]

Centennial Ride in 2021! We are celebrating Unity, Community and the Freedom of the Road in 2021 Progress is measured in big and small ways every day. A formative step towards the equality of Women in America was the passage of the 19th amendment of the US constitution allowing American women equal vote in fair […]

Women’s Motorcycle Tours and Female-Focused Events (2021)   For more female-focused content subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page. Click on the Event name for the link. Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online March 12–13, 2021 Online Organized by Alisa Clickenger and her company, Women’s Motorcycle Tours, the third Women’s Motorcycle Conference Online theme […]

Article Courtesy of Feedspot 1. Motoress | Woman Motorcycle Enthusiast Motoress | Woman Motorcycle Enthusiast Toronto, Ontario, CanadaAbout Blog Motoress is the No. 1 Women’s Motorcycling Magazine For Every Woman Motorcycle Rider. Our mission is to educate, inform and provide a reliable resource to learn while encouraging the activity of motorcycling.   2. Women’s Motorcycle […]

Article Courtesy of Fox News Of the more than 400 National Parks, monuments, historical sites, seashores, trails, rivers, lakes and other public lands managed by The U.S. National Park Service (NPS), roughly one-quarter usually charge admission fees. That’s over 100 fascinating sites scattered across 36 states, including some of the most well-attended and awe-inspiring natural […]

Article about the Women’s Motorcycle Conference in Revzilla’s Common Tread Magazine  The thrum of motors, smell of leather, smiling faces, echoing laughter — motorcycle meet-ups invoke nostalgia through various senses. How could an online conference possibly recreate that experience? Or, does it even need to? Or could an online conference actually deliver a whole new dimension to […]

When Porsche Taylor bought her first motorcycle, she had never taken a lesson. She didn’t have her motorcycle license, and the helmet she wore was one size too big. But her cousin was into bikes and she started to see the appeal of driving them herself. “I rode with him on the back, but I didn’t […]