According to the Motorcycle Industry Council data, women now make up 19% of motorcycle ownership in the USA, which means that nearly one in five motorcyclists is a female. That’s awesome news for all of us, and by the looks of it, the numbers are only going to grow. There’s more and more of us in the industry and on the road with each passing year, and that’s certainly reason to celebrate.

However, we are still the minority in most motorcycle rallies, tours, races, and other motorcycle-related events. Too often we are still treated like the minority, too. Although women love motorcycling for the same reasons men do, we are sometimes discounted in the eyes of dealership owners and sales reps, motorcycle manufacturers, race organizers, and sometimes even fellow riders on the road.

That’s no surprise, as change is always slow, and as women we’re conditioned to be nice and patient. But seriously. Why wait? Women’s Motorcycle Tours is where you get to escape the “oddball” or “minority” status, be your true authentic self, and experience unbridled freedom and adventure.

Riding with other women, as opposed to traveling in mixed groups or being a single female among a party of male riders, is a completely different experience. As women we get the most joy and pleasure out of seeing each other succeed and lifting each other up. The support in all-female riding groups is astonishing. We love discovering places off the beaten path together because we have enough of mainstream noise in our daily lives. We love laughing without restriction and sharing without reservation, because in a women-only group we have a space where we are welcomed just the way we are.

At the same time, we’re passionate about two-wheels and the open road. Riding with women doesn’t mean we’ll be riding smaller capacity bikes, riding slow, or doing less miles. It simply means that we’ll get to share the best aspects of motorcycling with our like-minded sisters.

Women’s motorcycle tours are all about community, unity, freedom, and adventure. We’ll be riding some of the most stunning routes in North America –sometimes in the world sharing unique experiences, discovering hidden gems along the way, connecting with local cultures, and most importantly, re-discovering motorcycling and ourselves. We’ll forge new meaningful relationships, boost our confidence, and recharge. Whether it’s our Appalachia Tour winding through the spectacular Smoky Mountains, our adventurous Southwest journey, or an overseas motorcycle safari in Africa, a wild ride through wine country in Portugal, a tour through Bhutan, the world’s happiest country, even a custom-designed tour of your liking, women’s motorcycle tours will change the way you ride, travel, and belong.

Dream big.

Travel far.

Trust Your Inner Wisdom.

With love,