The 2017 Women’s Ride is coming up in October in southern Arizona. If you know a female veteran who loves to ride and struggles with PTSD or other invisible injuries, encourage her to apply today! Relief Rides are free for veterans and are great ways to decompress, get unstuck, and connect with others who face […]

Announcing another partnership with Latin America moto travel experts MotoDiscovery. This time we’re taking a group of gals to Baja. Scenic highways, light traffic and the opportunity to see both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. We’ll go riding, whale watching and enjoy the best fish and lobster tacos in the world. This is one […]

Two new scholarships sponsored by SeCRRet and Reg Pridmore’s CLASS Motorcycle School. SeCCRet, the Cross Country Rider, who was one of the WCM recipients of the 2016 She’z Moto Camp scholarship, was inspired by her learning experience and wanted to pay that experience forward. She personally donated $275 for this incredible scholarship opportunity for women […]

NASA’s record-shattering astronaut Peggy Whitson will return to Earth next month after a momentous extended visit to the International Space Station (ISS). Whitson connected with from the orbiting laboratory on Aug. 9 to discuss the highlights of her mission — including the solar eclipse of Aug. 21 — and what her life will be like back on Earth. […]