I’m sitting here in a quaint Italian villa breaking my fast over a spectacular view of the luscious Italian landscape. I am, for sure, the luckiest woman in the world.

Hello everyone, I’m just back from Cuba. We had a lovely group of intrepid ladies who rode with us in Cuba, and we had a B-L-A-S-T! A picture says a thousand words, so I’ll post some pictures below. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page this week to see even more photos as well […]

Gypsum is one of the interesting towns we pass through on one of our all female motorcycle tours. Gypsum, Colorado is a small town at the western edge of Eagle County. It is connected to the rest of the county through the I-70 highway so Beaver Creek is only 30 minutes away and Denver is only […]

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Hi Everyone, Adventure must be in the air because even as I’ve been packing for my trip to Cuba in the morning I’ve also starting to plan a month of summer riding in Croatia. Both countries have been calling me to explore them for years, and I decided this is the year I finally move forward […]

Hi Everyone, We’ve had a great month of collecting information on interesting women travelers for the newsletter, adding more women to our online community (If you are new to our mailing list – welcome!) and developing one new tour and adding a second set of dates for another. One of my very favorite places to […]

Happy January Everyone! It’s been a crazy, landmark month punctuated with big changes in America. Lots of big changes here, too, and you’ll find us even more determined to walk our own paths and ride our own dreams. My personal commitment in 2017 is to focus more on creating life-changing experiences for women on two wheels. […]