Bongiorno from Italy Everyone, I have a friend who wants to go on a trip. It’s a place she’s really wanted to travel for a long time, one of those trips on her “bucket list”. Whenever she starts dreaming and planning she freezes up as she starts to think about all the “what-if”s. You know; what […]

  Hi Everyone, If you came along on the Sisters’ Centennial Motorcycle Ride with us last year you’ll know that birthdays are a big deal to me. Not a big deal in terms of parties or gifts, but in the sense that I use them as life markers to measure where I’m at and where […]

Interested in an epic dual-sport adventure ride? We had a cancellation and now we have one spot open on our July Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route Tour – July 23-30th. Day by day information HERE. Need some training before jumping in? Book now and WMT will cover your registration fee for the ADVWoman all-ladies adventure rally […]

eck of a day! Spent the morning at Plitvice Lakes National Park then rode 350 kms in the afternoon. 22,000+ steps on my fitness tracker before noon!

Look who I crossed paths with yesterday –The Wandering Wasp. Huang Juvena has spent two years riding from Singapore to Europe on a Vespa. So honored to spend several serendipitous hours with her.