We got the bike sorted with an oil change, air in the tires, and a wash. We decided to change the plan and ride two-up from Brcko, Bosnia, where the bike was stored, to Belgrade, Serbia, where Igor had to catch a flight to meet up with his other bike in the USA, He’ll be […]

The past week I’ve been staying with Andreas, whom I met on the road in western Canada in 2007. He was riding from Argentina to NY, and was the inspiration behind my riding NY to Argentina by myself in 2009-2010. He stayed with me for several weeks and helped me with my business and now […]

A week off from riding. I was visiting my friend Andreas in Germany. Here are some pics of my bicycle tour of Heidelberg.

Part B of my Europe trip, which was the original plan before the invitation to ride in Italy. I’m all hunkered down (I cannot say that I am eager) for the 22 hour bus ride to Brcko, Bosnia, to meet up with my friend Igor, whom I also met on my 2009-2010 solo South America […]

Last day riding in Italy (I rode several more passes on my way North.) Thanks Rob Beach and Gretchen Beach for the loaner bike as well as the first class European travel advice! #AlisaontheRoad #RideYourDream #BeachsMotorcycleAdventure #makelifearide Alisa on the Road: Last day riding in Italy (I rode several more passes on my way North.) Thanks Rob Beach and […]

Alisa on the Road: The 12 passes tour loop.#AlisaontheRoad #RideYourDream #makelifearide Posted by Women's Motorcycle Tours on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Solo many passes, so little time. I think I’ll choose a preplanned route for today.

#AlisaontheRoad #BeachsMotorcycleAdventure #makelifearide Alisa on the road: Getting ready to ride in the *Dolomites*!#AlisaontheRoad #BeachsMotorcycleAdventure #makelifearide Posted by Women's Motorcycle Tours on Monday, May 15, 2017